In some cases, aciclovir will prevent the development of sores if taken before the first sores have developed.

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You should sk advic om you docto o phamacist about taking this mdicin. Thy can hlp you balanc th isks and th bnits o this mdicin duing pgnancy.

A ang o intactiv tools to suppot popl living with HIV to gt involvd in dcisions about thi tatmnt and ca.

Halthdict Austalia is not sponsibl o th contnt and advtising on th xtnal wbsit you a now nting.

It is bst to stat taking aciclovi as soon as you notic th ist symptoms. In som cass, aciclovi will pvnt th dvlopmnt o sos i takn bo th ist sos hav dvlopd.

Aow-down About aciclovi aow-down Bo taking aciclovi aow-down How to tak aciclovi aow-down Gtting th most om you tatmnt aow-down Can aciclovi caus poblms? aow-down How to sto aciclovi aow-down Impotant inomation about all mdicins.

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